Happy Mother’s Day- what makes a Mother

Happy Mothers Day to my mom, my mother-in-law, my step-mom and all women. 

I am very honoured to be a mom, it is the greatest role in my life and I hold the job very dear to my heart.  Being told I am a good mom is one of the greatest compliments someone can give me.  I am also very lucky to have three fabulous moms in my life, my mom, my step-mom and my mother in law.  They all enrich my life in countless ways.  I hope today and every day I honour you by being a good mom to your grand-children. 

Today I also want to honour all women because I think there is a “mom” in us all, whether you have children or not.  I also think that we need mothering from lots of different women in our lives.  Sometimes for whatever reason our mom can’t “mother” us, be it distance, death, life circumstances or relationship difficulties, and we need many women in our lives to help share the task.  We need our friends, our Aunts and even ourselved to take care of and “mother” ourselves.   To me a mom is someone that loves unconditionally, leads by example and puts others before herself biological or not.  I think there are many women in our lives that fufill the role of mom from time to time or when we need it.  Those “mom’s” met a need in us, take care of us and give us essential “mothering” that help us to feel loved, help us to grow and help us be better mom’s to our “children”- biological or otherwise. 

So in addition to my mom, my step-mom and my mother-in-law and in honour of mother’s day I would like to remember all the “mom’s” of my life and let them know that they are loved and special and valued to me.  And that their “mothering” and love has helped me to become the woman, and mother, that I am.  To list a few: thank you to my friend-“mom” that brings me chicken noodle soup when I am sick; my friend-“mom” who spent the day with me at the baby-show when I was pregnant with my first because my mom was unable to go; thank-you to my Aunt-“mom” who coached me through labour with my second and third child; thank-you to my teacher-“mom” who believed in me and helped me to believe in myself; thank-you to my sister-“mom” who inspired me and has shown me about strength; thank-you to my cousin-“mom” who has always given me unconditional, endless love and support. 

Thank you to my mom, my step-mom (who has always just been a mom to me), my mother-in-law (who has been a great mother-in-law and raised me a great husband) and to all my women who “mother” me- thank-you for your love and when I needed it putting me first. 

I hope to be a good mom to my children and when needed to my neices, nephews, friends, cousins and any other woman in my life. 

Who are the “moms” in your life that you treasure? 

Happy Mother’s Day to us all




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