Happy New DAY

Happy New Year

I have never really been a big fan of New Years Eve, not growing up, not as a teenager or in my University Years.  It always felt, contrived, fake, a “lame” idea and a good excuse for places to jack up their prices.

As I have grown older I have also grown an appreciation for New Years.  My appreciation comes from the idea that it is one acceptable and common time for people to look at their life, take stock, examine it if you may.  And decide to make changes, set goals.  Hope.  Dream.  Plan.  Set resolutions.  Grow.  Growth, change, dreams – now that is something I can get excited about.  I love making goals, thinking about what is important to me and what steps I can take to get there.  It’s no surprise how I got into the work I did- this stuff has always resonated with me.

So like many others, I too sit back at the end of December, beginning of January and I ask myself things like:

“What is important to me?”

“Am I living the life I want to live?”

“How can I take steps to get closer to the living the life I want to live?”

“What do I want more of and less of in my life?”

“What are my values?”

“What kind of wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend etc do I want to be?”  And “how can I get closer to being that?”

And most importantly: “How can I better take care of me?”

It’s not the ball dropping at midnight (although that is fun) or the roll over in numbers from 2014 to 2015 but the socially acceptable opportunity to talk about what gets us excited, makes us better, happier, healthier more productive people that is exciting to me.  I wonder what you would answer to the questions above?  I wonder how you could get more excited about your life?  I also dream about a time when it would be ok if we asked ourselves those same types of questions throughout the year (I know I do on a regular basis, not just on New Years).  Not just on January 1st but on a random Tuesday in March.  On a warm Wednesday in April.  On a sweltering day in July.  On a windy day in September.  On a crisp day in November.  Anytime of the year!!!  I wonder how much richer, happier, fuller our lives would be if we focused on these things all year through and not just become revived up once a year.  Don’t me wrong I am happy people are getting revived up at all but I dream about a time when we put more focus on these things, throughout the year, throughout our days, months, lives, instead of just because it’s a new year.

Maybe from now on I will start celebrating Happy New DAY!!!  Focus on making everyday a fresh start.  Everyday a new opportunity for growth, change, new dreams, plans, inspiration.  That sounds like a good resolution to me.

Happy New DAY!!!


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