Fall is on the air

Fall starts tonight at 10:39 (or 10:59 or 10:29- I’m not sure exactly).  I love fall.  I love how the air changes, the smells, the leaves changing colour, even how the heat feels the first time you have to put it on (don’t shot me I know it wasn’t a particularly hot summer but I do like that feeling).  Recently, a client told me that fall was her favourite time of the year because that is when she does her best emotionally!!  GREAT!!

One of the biggest reasons I enjoy fall is because it gets me back into routine.  Don’t get me wrong I also love the long lazy days of summer, when all routine is thrown out the window and we sleep into 8:30 (I have little kids 8:30 is the new noon!!!!).  The routine of fall is refreshing, it is invigorating, it helps to put me back on track.  It’s the time of year that has been trained in my brain since I have 3-years old of a new start, a new school year, a new beginning and renewal.  Like so many others I thrive on routine and that is what fall means to me.

There are many things have I have let go over the summer, too much food and not enough exercise.  The Fall has given me the chance to get back into a healthy routine of taking care of me.  It has also gotten the kids into a routine of taking care of themselves in a different way (back with friends, into sport programs etc).

With the crisp kick in the butt of fall upon us what can you do for yourself to start a new healthy routine?  Is it taking some me time?  A date with a friend?  A romantic get away with your partner?  That gym membership you haven’t used?  That dusty treadmill?  That call you want to make?  Think about what healthy routines will get you closer to the life you want to live and then set mini goals to get there.  That’s what I’m doing and I love it!!  Thanks Fall.


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