Sometimes there really are no short cuts in life!! But things can heal (and fast) if taken care of promptly and properly

Recently, I learned another valuable life lesson.  Sometimes there just are no short cuts.  Sometimes you just have to do things the long and hard way or you may just regret it.  This happened on a Thursday night after work.  I got home around 8:30 and wanted a snack.  I decided to make homemade “potatoe chips”.  So I got out the mandolin slicer and began slicing.  The safety guard was a nuisance and was slowing me down.  So I stopped using it, I thought “I’m a smart girl, clearly I don’t need the safety guard!!”
I know you can see where this is going!!  Yep I sliced the tip of my ring finger on my right hand clear off.  Like flat!!  Finger nail and all GONE.  Blood was gushing everywhere- I couldn’t think of anywhere to put my finger but my mouth to contain the blood (and not freak out my 6-year old).  My husband calmly sauntered to the bathroom to get me a cloth or something while telling me that my mouth was probably not the most hygiene place for my finger (ummmm thanks honey!!!).  My son was telling me I shouldn’t have done that (ummmm thanks little honey!!!).  And there you have it the tip of my finger amongst the potatoe slices because I figured I could take a short cut and could out smart the slicer and the makers of the safety guard.
Sometimes you can’t take short cuts.  Sometimes you really have to just do things the right way, even if it takes longer and is inconvenient.  Or you could suffer consequences, like losing the tip of your finger.
Then life taught me another lesson.  I took very (very) good care of that finger over the next few days.  Changing the dressing, putting on polysporin and getting out of washing any dishes (THANKS honey 😉  Within less than a week you could not even tell.  The wound had closed, the nail was cut down to be even and unless I told you, you would not have known.  It was still a little numb to touch the tip- but that’s was a good reminder of the lesson.
Message received!!  Got it life- I got it.
After my finger had been healed for many months, a little white scar tissue showed up on the tip.  It is still “different” to touch versus other parts of my finger.  This is just yet another life lesson – sometimes things come back around and you have to take care of it again and deal with it again.  That’s life, it’s not a punishment, not an indication that it wasn’t done right the first time, not a “why me, things never change, life sucks” moment- it is just the nature and cycle of life!!
Thanks life- Got it!!
Have a happy day??

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